Swiss Maurice Lacroix Replica Watches

Authorised retailer for Maurice Lacroix Watches. Maurice Lacroix are a luxury Swiss watch brand which was founded in 1975 as a part of Desco Von Schulthess of Zurich (Desco). Desco had been a representative for luxury watches including Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre since 1946. In 1961 Desco opened an assembly facility in the Swiss Canton of Jura and begun to produce private label watches for other manufacturers. The Maurice Lacroix name was born when Desco started to market their own line of watches under this brand name. Although Maurice Lacroix is still a comparatively new watch brand, they are proud of the innovative developments which they have achieved over the years. Ever since the beginning of the 1990's Maurice Lacroix have been developing attractive additional functions for mechanical watches. They are most proud of the Memoire 1 which was the world's first mechanical movement with a memory function.