Swiss Omega Replica Watches

In 1848, at the tender age of 23, Louis Brandt founded Omega, assembling pocket watches from component parts in his workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds. His company grew, and by the time of Brandt's death in 1879, it had become very successful at mass-producing pocket watches. His two sons, Louis-Paul and Cesar, took over the brand and identified a need to manufacture components in-house, as slow deliveries of poor-quality parts were causing delays in production. The brand took mass-produced watches to a whole new level of precision and quality, and by 1885, the company was manufacturing the world's first mass-produced movement. The time-consuming process of making watches by hand, one at a time, was no more.The process was steadily refined, including the introduction of automated manufacturing methods normally seen outside of the industry. Developing each movement with interchangeable pattern parts increased construction speed and reduced cost, without sacrificing quality. The development didn't stop there: in 1999, the company introduced the Co-Axial movement, an invention considered to be the biggest advancement since the introduction of the lever escapement.