Swiss Tudor Replica Watches

TUDOR was established by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. It remains to this day a sister company to Rolex and has successfully lived up to that prestigious name and reputation since its creation. Wilsdorf created the TUDOR brand as he decided he wanted to offer a more affordable watch that was accessible for a wider range of people, yet still upholding the supreme quality and reputation that Rolex is renowned for. It wasn't long before the TUDOR name quickly rose to fame. Due to its exceptional design and the quality of its instruments, the brand became one of the leading watchmakers for both the military and professional divers. From the 1960s onwards, the US Navy Seals and the French Navy issued TUDOR Submariner watches to their divers. In 1969, once the impressive reputation of the brand had been established and production moved increasingly towards robust and technical designs, TUDOR decided to change its logo. The rose disappeared but the shield remained, symbolise solidity and reliability a nod to military troops and navy divers that they could well and truly depend on TUDOR as an entirely unfailing survival instrument.