Swiss SevenFriday Replica Watches

Show me don't tell me- the tagline of SevenFriday, a luxury wristwatch making brand, is all about being emotional instead of rational, showing action instead of words, and portraying creativity instead of unquestioned standards. Dan Niederer, the founder of SevenFriday, believes that the brand is aimed at challenging the norms and creating alternatives and is proudly built on the foundation of taking the leap of faith, which is showcased in the brand's collection of extraordinary and versatile watches.Seven Friday is more than just a timepiece, it is a life attitude, created for people, who live everyday like its Friday. In its quest to do something unique and quirky, the affordable luxury brand pushes and challenges the industrial standards and norms and comes up with timepieces that are a result of its own beliefs, dreams and experiences. The watches from SevenFriday come in iconic shaped dials, made for the fun, active kind of audience and can do pretty well underwater too. Most watches also come packed with water resistance for depths as low as 30 meters. The collection shows the brand's love of industrial design, and drive for originality, something that SevenFriday proudly owes up to and is known for, since its inception in 2012.